Product Details

Botanical Name:Daucus carota

Country of Origin:France, India

Extraction Method:Steam Distilled

Plant Part:Seeds

Strength of Aroma:Medium

Aromatic Scent:Woody-earthy, slightly spicy, strong herbaceous musky scent

Blends Well With:Cypress, Frankincense Frereana, Geranium Egyptian, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram Sweet, Patchouli, Rose Absolute and Spearmint


Cautions:Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.



Carrot Seed essential oil has a distinctive smell and is reputed to be a wonderful skin rejuvenating oil and also helps support a healthy digestive system. Diffuse Carrot Seed to relieve worry, promote relaxation before sleep and to aid the digestive and respiratory systems.



Add a few drops of carrot seed oil to Rosehip seed carrier oil to rejuvenate, soften and smooth your skin. When carrot seed is combined with Evening Primrose oil, it can be applied to the abdomen to help relieve menstrual discomfort.
For topical application, dilute to 1% for face and up to 3% for body.





Plant Therapy Carrot Seed Essential Oil