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Botanical Name: Picea mariana

Country of Origin: Canada

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Aromatic Scent: Fresh, crisp, woody and earthy

KidSafe®: Yes

Pregnancy Safe: Yes

Nursing Safe: Yes



Even though its crisp, forest-like aroma is reminiscent of winter and the holidays, don’t be fooled. Black Spruce Essential Oil can be used all year round. Abundant with benefits, Black Spruce is helpful when it comes to respiratory issues, as well as muscular aches and pains due to overexercising. When experiencing feelings of exhaustion, Black Spruce can also help you feel energized and stimulate your senses.


Aromatic - Diffuse using 2-3 drops per 100 mL of water or use in a personal inhaler. Topical - Dilute to 1-3% in a carrier.

Plant Therapy Black Spruce Essential Oil

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