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Our honey is 100% unprocessed and comes from various locations in Australia such as Tasmania and South-West Australia. 

Jarrah and Leatherwood are anti-microbial honey and known for their incredible flavors and amazing healing properties. 

What is Total Activity (TA)?

Many of you may be familiar with Manuka's UMF/MGO rating but what is Total Activity and how does it compare? Our honeys' antimicrobial quality is measured by Total Activity. The TA of a honey is a representation of how good it is at killing bacteria. Therefore, the higher the TA rating, the higher the antimicrobial strength. Any honey with a TA rating of 10 or higher may have beneficial antimicrobial benefits and these benefits increases as the TA level rises. 

*Note that the UMF rating on Manuka is essentially the same as TA rating*

TA40 Jarrah

Proof of Pesticide Free/GMO Free Scottish Heather + Blossom

*All of our honey are tested using independent testing facilities such as Quality Service International (QSI) and Analytica Laboratories. 

Bees at Work
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