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It’s no secret that honey is one of the superfoods out there.⁠⁠The Scottish Heather Honey by The Scottish Bee Company is a level above the rest:⁠⁠🍯 Filled with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties⁠⁠🍯 Contains high levels of antioxidants⁠⁠🍯 Boasts ten times more manganese - an essential nutrient for your body - than any other honeys in the worldOur Heather has been gathered from our bee friendly hives located throughout Scotland. Our team of expert bee farmers collect our Heather Honey from the exceptional Scottish environment so to ensure that, like a select single malt whisky, every mouthful evokes a sense of Scotland’s unspoiled wilderness. Gathered by our bees to create a rich and luxurious Scottish Heather Honey that, we feel, is the best tasting you will ever experience.⁠

The Scottish Bee Company Scottish Heather Honey (340g)

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