This beautifully sewn, softly padded cloth, holds 2.5 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL and/or 30 mL bottles. The softly padded cloth dividers separate and protect each essential oil bottle. The handle on top keeps your oils upright and makes it convenient to carry around your oils. Massage therapists as well as everyday users just love these portable aromatherapy accessories!


  • Case size: 3.5x6x6 inches to 4x6x8 inches. Because these are partially made by hand, the sizes can vary.
  • Holds approximately 30 5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml and/or 30 ml essential oil bottles.
  • Bottles are not included -- image shown is for example only.

Plant Therapy Soft Carrying Cases - 30 Bottles (5 mL, 10 mL, 15 mL or 30 mL)

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