Product Details

Botanical Name: Citrus Nobilis

Country of Origin: Brazil

Extraction Method: Essence oil is separated from water by-product during the volatile point of juice homogenization phase.

Plant Part: Juice

Strength of Aroma: Strong

Aromatic Scent: Bright & Uplifting

KidSafe®: Yes



Mandarin Green Essence has an intense, sweet, fresh citrus scent that is wonderful to soothe nervous tension. It has been harvested early enough to yield the green and yellow oils, rather than the reddish oils yielded by ones harvested later. This particular variety has a dimethyl anthranilate note, which highlights the fruit’s concord grape-like attributes. It’s perfect to give an added burst of sweet richness to any blend.



Mandarin Green Essence Oil can be used in place of, or along with, Mandarin Essential Oil. Add 6 drops of Mandarin Green Essence and 3 drops of Lavender to your Plant Therapy diffuser to promote relaxation before sleep. For topical application, dilute to 1-3% in your favorite carrier oil.
Due to the intense aroma of this essence, we recommend that it be used in a blend when inhaling directly

Plant Therapy Mandarin Green Essence Oil