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Hand Made Unique wire-wrapped pendant, made with a Natural Armethyst Stone wrapped in non-tarnish coated Copper Wire. This wire has been coated to stop the tarnishing process of the copper. Please take the utmost care not to scratch this coating, as tarnishing will occur.  The pendant comes with a black chain.


100% handmade product ❤️


Package include:

1 x Locket with black chain (Size 45cm length) 

2 x cotton felts or cotton felts 

Metal Color: Silver


Open the locket and add a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil onto the included cotton ball. The scent of your oil can last for several days, but you can always add more oil to the felt after the oil has completely diffused.


Enjoy Your favorite Essential Oil  Everywhere You Go

Handmade Armethyst Necklace with Essential oil Diffuser Locket

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